24 Picnic Ideas Kid Will Love!

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Source: 7OnAShoesstring.com

Picnic Activities

13. Water Relay– Get a large bucket and fill with water. Then get several smaller buckers (as many as there are kids) and set about 10 feet away from large, water-filled bucket. Take a several smaller cups and poke holes in the sides and bottom (not too many!). Ask the kids to fill up the smaller cups with water, carry it over their heads and RUN to the empty buckets. The first one that fills their empty bucket wins!

14. Frisbee Throw– Who can get their frisbee the furthest away?

15. Balloon Squeeze– Blow up a balloon and have 2 people stand facing each other. Place the balloon between them at stomach level. Teams have to try and get to a designated finish line by holding the balloon at their stomachs with no hands!

16. Picnic Books– Carry the picnic theme on and do some outside reading about picnics! WhatWeDoAllDay has a GREAT list of books.

17. Parachute Toss– You can purchase a large parachute inexpensively at Amazon or just use an old sheet. They fold up easily and can double for a blanket if you forget one for the picnic! Toss a ball or just float the parachute accompanied by some happy tunes.

18. Bubbles– Bubbles are a timeless and entertaining activity. You can make your own (we posted about a great DIY recipe here) or just use store-bought bubbles. You can do all sorts of activities! To see a list, visit Grandparents.com.

Check out 7OnAShoesstring.com for a bunch more outside activities!

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