These Adorable Pumpkins Are The Easiest And Cheapest Fall Craft You’ll Ever Make

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One of my favorite times of year to craft is the Fall because the colors are so beautiful and I just love pumpkins, leaves, and fall flowers. I wanted to make some pumpkin decorations for my home, but didn’t want to make something using real pumpkins. Last year I saw lots of pumpkin poufs made out of some sort of filler, then covered in cute fabric. I figured I could probably make these myself, but since I don’t really know how to sew that well, I needed to figure out a no-sew option. Well, these pumpkins are definitely no-sew and honestly probably the easiest craft you’ll ever make. Basically all they are is a toilet paper roll covered with fabric. Yep, you heard me right – a toilet paper roll! Who would have ever thought? These are so adorable that no one will ever know they are so simple to make and the best part is that all three combined cost me less than $4 to make! Talk about decorating on a budget.



If you want to make your own here’s what you are going to need:

-toilet paper roll (I used all brand new ones, but if you want a variety of pumpkin sizes you can use half used ones as well)

-fun fall fabric (about 1/2 a yard for each pumpkin)


-plastic grocery bags

-sticks (I used ones I found laying in our front yard)

-hot glue gun (optional)


The first thing you need to do is iron out all your fabric so there are no wrinkles in it.


Once this is done, start wrapping your toilet paper roll with plastic bags. The reason you do this is to soften the edges of the toilet paper roll so it’s not obvious that under the fabric is toilet paper. I used two plastic bags per pumpkin. I actually put the toilet paper in the bottom of the plastic bags, then wrapped the excess around the sides and the top.



If you wrapped the bag over the hole in the toiler paper roll, you’ll want to poke a hole through because you’re going to need that open hole in a minute.


Now you can start wrapping the fabric around the toilet paper. Place your toilet paper in the center of your fabric, then pull up one side and tuck it into the hole in the middle. You should be able to tuck in about one to two inches of fabric. Work your way around the whole roll and keep tucking the fabric in the middle hole. You may have to cut some of the fabric off if it’s too long to tuck in.





Once all the fabric is tucked in the hole, take a stick and shove it down the hole in the toilet paper roll. I used different lengths for each pumpkin to add some visual interest.



Repeat the same steps for each pumpkin and pretty soon you’ll have an adorable little set of decorative fall pumpkins. So incredibly simple, right? If you want, you can hot glue the fabric down as well as the stick, but honestly all the tucking holds the fabric in pretty well and creates a nice, tight, hole to hold the stick in pretty sturdy as well.


Since these were so cheap and so easy to make, I may make a bunch for family and friends as gifts. I mean you can’t go wrong when something looks this adorable and costs so little to make.


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