Top 10 Annoying Gym Behaviors That Need To Stop

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As a working mom of a 3-year old, there aren’t many times I get a moment to myself. Not even the bathroom is a sacred place anymore. So even though the idea of a sweaty workout may not sound appealing at first, I get at least an hour break as the wonderful people in the kids care at the gym have fun with my daughter. While I’m there, I’m struck by the copious amounts of obnoxious, rude and just plain annoying behaviors of other gym goers. It’s like a trip to Wal-Mart, where everyone has lost their common sense. Here are some of the worst behaviors I’ve run into while trying to get in a workout.


1. Cell Phone Talkers

Hey! You! On the cell phone? Yes, we can ALL hear your phone conversation. It doesn’t matter what language you are speaking, we get the gist of it and we can still hear it over the hum of the treadmills and our earphones. How is it even possible to get in a decent workout when you’re rehashing the argument you had with your spouse in great detail? Put down the phone!

2. Working Out In Jeans

The sign on the gym “rules” clearly says that no denim is allowed, yet you are wearing jeans on the stationary bike. This probably annoys me the most because I’m a first-born and a rule follower. Nonetheless, it’s not like you can go anywhere wearing said jeans after you’ve sweated to the oldies in them. Also, isn’t that the most uncomfortable pair of “workout pants” ever?

3. Grunters

Look, we get it. You’re here for a workout and you want to show everyone you can lift a lot of weights. We are impressed. We are NOT impressed by the guttural and feral grunts, moans and groans that scare us out our own concentrated workout. Maybe try keeping it to a minimum? Or just not lift so much weight.

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