I really and truly love Trader Joe’s, but I’ll be honest––sometimes I have a hard time pulling together a meal with ingredients that only come from TJ’s. Which, as a busy mom is discouraging because sometimes I really don’t want to go to multiple stores to get everything I need for dinner. But those days are over because there are tons of creative people that have mastered the art of shopping and cooking Trader’s! Keep reading for some quick and tasty Trader Joe’s recipes that will get you eating dinner in no time.

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1. Carnitas Taco Bowl

Did you know Trader Joe’s sells fully cooked and seasoned Carnitas? Because I didn’t and I just found out yesterday. Mind.Blown. Now I can make a taco bowl, like the one pictured above (which I did-last night). All you need is rice, cheese, black beans, avocado or guacamole, salsa and the carnitas! It’s a quick, healthy and inexpensive dinner that even picky eaters will enjoy.

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2. Carne Asada with Pepper & Corn Salad

Get a refreshing dinner on the table in a hurry with this carne asada meal with pepper and corn salad. Grab the pre-bagged carne, roasted corn, feta and peppers from the fridge and freezer section, and snag a bunch of parsley too. The easy list of ingredients comes together in a meal that’s perfect for summer!

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3. Seriously Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes

Can you ever go wrong with baked potatoes? This easy dinner is all about the toppings, especially when they include cheese, chips, cilantro and onions! While they take a little bit longer than traditional baked potatoes, because they are twice-baked, they are that much more delicious and worth the extra few minutes.

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4. Ten Minute Wonton Soup

Sometimes you just want a bowl of soup and that’s where this 10 minute wonton soup is going to wow you. It only takes 3 ingredients to make it happen: ginger miso broth, frozen Asian dumplings and spinach. BAM. Heat the broth, and then add the remaining ingredients and enjoy!

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5. Five Minute Falafel Wrap

Yep- another item you didn’t know existed can be found in the freezer section at TJ’s: fully cooked falafel! When you combine with a container of tzatziki, frozen naan and lots of tasty veggies like onion, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber, you’ve got a falafel wrap perfect for those hot summer nights when you just don’t want to slave over the oven. You’re welcome.

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trader joe's recipes

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6. Kid-Friendly Curry

It’s hard getting kids to try new foods, especially those typically deemed as exotic. This curry recipe from TJ’s is the perfect way to introduce your kids to curry, that isn’t quite so spicy. With just 4 ingredients, there’s really no excuse to try this recipe out on a busy weeknight.

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7. Sweet Potato Gnocchi

This hearty meal is thrown together in just one skillet and packs tons of flavor. Perfect for anytime of year (thought doesn’t this sound SO tasty for Fall?), the sweet potato gnocchi that’s already seasoned with butter and sage is combined with mushrooms, sausage, grape tomatoes, parmesan and arugula. The result? Mouth-watering goodness!

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8. Pesto Penne with Chicken

Pasta. It’s what’s for dinner. At least that’s true when it comes to dinner with kids! Sneak in some veggies when you make this pesto version where all the ingredients are already prepped for you at TJ’s: jarred pesto and roasted red peppers, a bag of penne, and pre-cooked chicken strips. Dinner is served.

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