Women of faith are told all about the importance of quiet time with God, but the years spent with young children makes any quiet hard to find. When a mom finally does get a few moments of quiet, adding God into that time is not often her first thought.

quiet time

Here’s what you need to know: God doesn’t want us to feel guilty. Making time for Him out of guilt is not the posture He wants from us. Give yourself grace in this busy season and be willing to get creative with how you nurture yourself spiritually.

Kids need us most hours of the day, the house needs cleaning, bills need to be paid, and interruptions run rampant.

God isn’t pleased with us only when our Bibles are open or our heads are bowed. He is pleased with us when our hearts are in the right place. All that we do throughout the day can be a way to serve God or further His kingdom. We simply have to keep God in mind and shift our perspective from doing mundane tasks to serving in daily “kingdom work.”

Not all of us are able to wake up early before the kids to sneak in some alone time, so here are some tangible ways to incorporate spiritual disciplines throughout the day:

1. Prayer journaling

I’ve always been someone who does better writing my prayers down. It keeps me focused and helps me come back later to see what prayers have been answered. I try to incorporate room for gratitude, confession, as well as requests.

2. Listen to worship music or audio Bible

If you’re also known as a “taxi” mom, you probably spend most of your time in the car. Use this time to connect with God in some way! You can listen to worship music, Bible on tape, or even turn up the music in the back for the kids and have something else playing from your phone in the front seat. I like to listen to sermon podcasts, for example. This form of quiet time doesn’t always go smoothly. Kids don’t stay silent in the back seat and like to interrupt with many questions or quarrels, but don’t give up! I also turn on worship music or a spiritual podcast when I’m making dinner or cleaning up afterward.

3. First5 Devotional App

Maybe you only have five minutes here and there. The First5 app was created for you! Download it on your phone and open this devotional app first thing in the morning for encouragement and a spiritual challenge to meditate on throughout the day.

4. Praying in the shower

Sometimes the shower is the only place you can be completely alone. It may feel weird at first, but this is a good place to share your thoughts with God or to make time to turn off your busy thoughts and listen!

5. Family Scripture memorization

A lot of spiritual growth can come through leading. Pick out a few verses from Scripture for your family to memorize together. Keeping the Word close to your heart will transform your days and encourage you to live a life that looks more like Jesus.

Tell us in the comments how YOU spend your quiet time!


quiet time