Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet while breastfeeding is just as important as it is while pregnant. In order to keep you and your baby healthy, in addition to regular checkups and exercise, you must consume foods that offer amazing benefits. Foods that are particularly high in things like protein, calcium, and healthy fats can help promote lactation and fill you and your child with tons of amazing vitamins. From sesame seeds to spinach, some of the foods on this list may be shocking but all of them are just as tasty as they are beneficial.


1. Sesame Seeds

Surprisingly, those sesame seeds that you love on top of your hamburgers are super high in calcium. Well, in higher, more concentrated amounts of course. Sprinkling a bunch of them over some of your favorite fruits, veggies, and special dishes can also provide you with a great amount of fiber and iron, two things that do a great deal to improve health and regulation in the body.



2. Oatmeal

The bowl of oatmeal you have for breakfast every morning does you and your breastfeeding body a great deal of favors. The natural whole-grain food is full of fiber and iron. Even a bowl of quick oats (not the pre-packaged instant ones) can be said to help increase your natural milk production.


3. Spinach

Spinach, along with just about every other edible leafy green in the world, is chock-full of highly valuable nutrients and calcium that aide in keeping you and your baby strong and healthy. No matter how you eat it, in a lightly dressed salad or sauteed in one of your favorite dinner dishes, your body gets a double dose of some pretty great stuff.

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4. Brown Rice

Just like bread, it’s widely known that brown rice is much better for you than white rice. Luckily, it’s also no less delicious. The complex carbohydrates present in brown rice help regulate your blood sugar levels and help keep you full for longer. As well regulating fiber and great nutrients.


5. Greek Yogurt

It’s true that many breastfeeding mothers are told by their physicians to give up dairy to prevent any dairy related complications with their babies. But Greek yogurt, which is significantly lower in lactose than regular yogurt, is a much safer option that also manages to provide the same calcium and nutrient benefits.


6. Almonds

That bag of almonds that you carry around in your purse for peckish moments is especially great when you’re breastfeeding. Along with the amount of calcium they provide, almonds are also packed full of protein and elements that greatly help boost your energy when you’re feeling lethargic.


7. Salmon

The versatility and delicious taste aren’t the only benefits of eating salmon. The fatty fish is also filled with DHA omegas that help drastically shape babies’ nervous systems and overall brain development. Eating at least 6 ounces of the fish a week can do wonders for both you and your child.


Jordyn Smith

Jordyn Smith

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