I’m not 100% Italian, but I do have Italian blood running through my veins. I think perhaps the biggest proof of this is my love for pasta. I could eat pasta everyday and never get sick of it. In fact, I try to make classic spaghetti and meatballs at least once a week.

So naturally I’m thrilled that October 25th is world pasta day! I’m always on the lookout for new pasta recipes, and this is the perfect day to share a few great ones. No matter how you like your pasta, you’re sure to find at least one here that you can’t wait to chow down on!

source: Diethood

1. Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

When you have kids, it’s often better to serve pasta with shapes like bow tie, that are easier for them to eat. It’s also easier when you add pieces of cut up chicken that are about the same size. Mix in ingredients like basil leaves, ground pepper and tomato sauce for a true Italian taste that even non-Italians will love!

Get the recipe for this and other delicious dishes over at Diethood.


source: Jo Cooks

2. Avocado Spinach Pasta

We’re always trying to get our kids to “eat more greens,” right? But most of those greens are scary and gross looking. I’ve tried tri-colored rotini with my kids, and the green and orange noodles don’t seem to put them off. So I’m betting that this green pasta variation will help your kids see that green food isn’t always bad. If they like guacamole, how could they not like avocado on their pasta?

Head over to Jo Cooks for the full recipe.

source: Tidy Mom

3. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

One of the dishes we served at my wedding was chicken cordon bleu. And it was sooo good! When you combine that with another favorite of mine- pasta- oh man, I can only imagine the goodness that awaits! This is a wonderful, healthy choice to serve your family and it isn’t difficult to make at all.

You can find the recipe for this over on Tidy Mom.

source: Joyful Healthy Eats

4. Butternut Squash Alfredo Pasta

Want to squeeze more squash into your diet? Try mixing it with flavorful spices and bacon. This gluten-free recipe is kid-friendly and gives you a rich, creamy flavor that you can’t resist!

Stop by Joyful Healthy Eats for this recipe, and many other healthy meals to try.

source: Nourished

5. Spinach Pesto Pasta

If bold flavor is what you’re after, that’s what you’ll get with this recipe. You’ll also get a serving of spinach, which makes it healthy! Of course, the kids won’t like all the green, leafy ingredients, but the pesto just might win them over. There’s only one way to find out, and it’s worth a shot!

The Nourished blog has this recipe, plus tons of others to check out.

source: The Cozy Cook

6. One Pot Pizza Pasta

What could possibly make classic spaghetti and meat sauce taste better? Spaghetti and meat sauce with pizza! That’s like the ultimate Italian meal right there. So much cheese. So many flavors. So much yes! There’s no way any kid could refuse this meal- it’s every kid’s dream come true! Plus, you’ll feel good knowing they’ll enjoy it.

Head over to The Cozy Cook to learn how to make this masterpiece.

source: Spend With Pennies

7. Shrimp Pasta Salad

Not every type of pasta is a warm, freshly cooked dish. Many pastas are cold. If you need an idea on what to bring to a potluck or other event, this shrimp pasta salad is quite amazing! It’s loaded with healthy ingredients like onion, celery and red pepper, and the shrimp tastes fabulous combined with all those things. This is not just a scrumptious dish, it’s also colorful and fun!

Check out the recipe for this at Spend With Pennies.

source: Strength & Sunshine

8. Autumn Pumpkin Pasta

When you think of fall, what flavor automatically comes to mind? Pumpkin, right? Who knew you could incorporate pumpkin into your pasta? This recipe is seriously so simple, and it’s great to make for any fall celebration!

You can find this gluten-free, vegan recipe on Strength & Sunshine.


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