As moms, there are certain stereotypes we fall into because of what motherhood entails. One of those stereotypes is that we spend our days in yoga pants and t-shirts. This is true for many moms, but it isn’t because we aren’t stylish. It’s because we’re exhausted! We’re so busy dressing everyone else that by the time we reach ourselves, we’ve given up on making an effort. Even I, a fashion blogger, need to work harder at making time for myself. Not because yoga pants are bad, but because I -we all- deserve to look and feel great!

If you’re in a fashion rut and need some motivation, there are several styling services you should look into. Even if you don’t sign up for or join any of these, you’ll at least get an idea of what’s trending and you’ll probably feel inspired to treat yourself to some much needed retail therapy.

source: Stitch Fix 

1. Stitch Fix

Want to get 5 hand-selected pieces of clothing delivered to you each month? After you fill out your style profile, the stylists at Stitch Fix curate a collection just for you, based on your personal style and budget, that is shipped to your door for free. You have three days to try the pieces, after which you can buy what you like, and send the rest back at no cost. The styling fee is $20 and can be used toward your final order. Buy all 5 items and get 25% the entire purchase!

Learn more by visiting Stitch Fix.


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2. Le Tote

Similar to Stitch Fix, Le Tote sends you clothing each month, but you get to choose how many pieces and which pieces TO RENT. You can either let Le Tote surprise you with their picks, or swap out ones they’ve selected for ones you found yourself. You can rent the clothes for as long as you like, and receive unlimited totes per month! The service offers a classic box and a maternity box, so moms-to-be would love this during pregnancy!

Head over to Le Tote to learn more.

3. The Style Spectrum

Many styling services have you fill out a “style profile” based on your personal preferences. But The Style Spectrum takes it even further by offering assistance in determining what the best pieces are for you based on your individual coloring and body shape. You’ll learn which season you are, and which colors bring out your best you, as well as which styles of clothing work best for your body. There are no costs for checking out the site. The only possible charges you will incur are if you choose to purchase any of the suggested pieces that are available on the site.

Check out The Style Spectrum to find the best clothing and colors for you.

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4. Keaton Row

Unlike other styling services, Keaton Row offers one-on-one personal styling between you and one of their professional stylists. After you fill out your style profile, your stylist works with you whenever you need to put together outfits for various occasions.There are no subscription fees, and they offer a free 14-day trial. If you need advice on what to wear for date night, a business function or a trip to Rome, Keaton Row will assist you in finding the perfect looks.

Keaton Row has more details.

source: Dia & Co

5. Dia & Co.

For mamas who fall into the plus size category, Dia & Co. is a niche styling service that provides curated clothing for women size 14 and up. It works the same way as other styling services, sending you 5 pieces each month that you can purchase or return. The $20 styling fee can go towards your final purchase on every box.

Take a look at Dia & Co to get more info.

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6. Trunk Club

If your wardrobe is filled with designer pieces, Trunk Club might be the right styling service for you. In addition to offering personal styling services online, there are several clubhouses across the country that offer fittings (which include complimentary wine!). Work with your stylist to create outfits that fit your lifestyle, and only keep what you love.

Log on to Trunk Club to get all the details.

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7. Rent The Runway

Don’t you hate having to fork out money for something you’ll only wear once? Well, now you can rent one-time pieces! Whether it’s a wedding, a black tie event or a holiday party, you can rent your dress for the night and send it back when you’re done. You can rent the item for 4 to 8 days, and get a free backup size in case the one you order doesn’t fit. No more spending money on pieces that will take up space in your closet.

Head over to Rent The Runway to schedule your special occasion dress rental.

source: Bungalow Clothing

8. Bungalow Clothing

If you like the idea of using a styling service, but want to avoid a styling fee, Bungalow Clothing only charges you for the cost of the clothing. The company works with high end designers like Rachel Zoe and offers a style concierge to assist you. There are no membership fees, and you have five days to choose whether or not you want to keep anything you received.

Learn more about this service at Bungalow Clothing.


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