The older your kids get, the quicker you realize just how.much.stuff each of them brings home from school. Artwork, report cards, reports and other projects quickly gain a place in your heart and in your cluttered closet. Before long, you are becoming buried under years of years (multiplied by how many children you have) of paperwork. Each piece can bring back a sentimental memory and it’s hard to throw even the simplest of drawings away. But as you know, there’s only so much space on your refrigerator and in your storage. There will come a time when you need to decide what’s a permanent fixture in your collection, and how to stay organized for the rest of your kids school years. We’ve rounded up a great list of ways you can preserve your kids schoolwork for years to come, so check it out below!



1. Use A Filing System

This is one of the most simple systems for staying organized with your children’s schoolwork. Just purchase a filing box at any office supply store or your nearest Target or Walmart. Then you’ll drop in 13 hanging file folders, one for each school year (don’t forget kindergarten!). This system will help you keep your permanent collection reasonable. If it doesn’t fit in the box, then consider taking a photo or tossing the document. has the full tutorial for this system as well as free printables for labels and the adorable cover sheet!


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2. Create A Gallery Wall

You may not be the type to clutter your refrigerator with your child’s artwork, and that’s ok. Some pieces of schoolwork are clearly short-lived, yet you want to proudly display them so both family and your child sees how important it is to you. You can create a gallery wall using something as simple as a refurbished wood pallet with tiny clips to hang their gorgeous pieces of art. This method is probably best used for work that will not make it in to your permanent pile or is on it’s way into your organized system, and definitely deserves some recognition.


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3. Artkive

We live in a digital age, which could really benefit your storage of schoolwork. Instead of keeping every piece of paper to walk through your door, why not take a picture of it instead? The Artkive app allows you to photograph whatever you want, and then keep it organized. Once you’re ready, you can easily create your own book that has a photo of every piece of art or schoolwork. It’s a great way to stay organized and convert some of those LARGE pieces of art down to a reasonable size!

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