10 Baby Items Even The Second Time Mom Needs

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If you’re expecting your second baby, or you know someone who is, there are some things that you’ll definitely need for your new baby. I know you’re probably thinking that you already have everything and won’t need anything new, but I assure you, you do. Even if you’re not going to have a second baby shower, it’s always a good idea to create a registry so it makes it easy for people who want to buy you gifts to know what you want and need. Here are 10 baby items that every mom (even the second, third, and fourth time mom) will need for their new precious bundle of joy.


1. Pacifiers

Pacifiers have a really short shelf life and, in fact, hardly last a few months. They definitely won’t last long enough for another baby to use. This means the new baby will need all new pacifiers, and let’s be honest, you can never have too many pacifiers. My son went through pacifiers like they were candy. I had to have them everywhere we went and we also lost them all the time. Trust me, you need and want a good supply of pacifiers.


2. Bottles/Bottle Nipples

No matter if you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, you’ll want a few bottles. Chances are your bottles from your first baby are old and gross. If they’re not, you’ll definitely need some new bottle nipples. These tend to get holes in them or get dingy and gross over time. There’s no sense in using them if they are worn out. Just buy a few new ones and you’ll be good to go.


3. Diapers

Every mom, no matter the age of her baby, will always need diapers. It’s one of those items that’s not very fun to get someone, but is always needed and every mom secretly sings praises when someone gives her diapers. Those things can get expensive and annoying to have to buy all the time. You’ll need the smallest size diapers when your baby first comes, but really you could use them in almost every size as the baby grows.

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