10 Baby Registry Items You DON’T Need!

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I clearly remember finding out I was pregnant and counting down the days until it was socially acceptable for me to start my baby registry. It was like re-living my glory days of being engaged and getting to complete my wedding registry, only better because everything would be so cute and tiny! If you’ve ever walked into a baby store, you know the immediate overwhelming feeling that accosts you when you walk in. All this stuff, for a BABY? And have you ever looked at a list of suggested baby registry items? It’s 4 PAGES LONG! While the thought of buying only the best for baby may have entered your head, your home will quickly become the spitting image of Babies ‘R Us, cluttered with baby crap everywhere. Save yourself the time and space on your registry by registering only for what you NEED. We’ve come up with a great list of baby items that sound good in theory, but that you can really avoid. This is the best list of baby registry items you don’t really need.


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1. Wipe Warmer

The best advice someone gave me was to never register for a wipe warmer. Are you going to carry it with you everywhere you go? Because otherwise your baby will get used to the warm comfiness of their wipes and will scream in protest when you use room temperature ones. It’s a waste of money and energy (literally- how do you think this thing stays warm? Electricity!) and is something that you and baby can live without.

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