10 Creatively Cute Handmade Halloween Costumes

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The air has no doubt become crisper, and the leaves are beginning to crunch underneath our feet. Fall has most definitely arrived, and with it comes Halloween, the beloved holiday of many. It is the day that one can become someone or something else entirely. It’s a time for fun and festivities, and of course¬†free candy! But quite possibly the best aspect of the holiday is figuring out what you and your children are going to be. Sure, there are pre-packaged costumes, but they can get pretty expensive. Chances are, that you can create a cooler looking costume by doing it yourself! Check out some of these amazingly creative handmade costumes! Many of these can work for both children and grown-ups alike!


#1 – iPod

Become a walking jukebox! With some inexpensive materials, you can be well on your way to becoming an iPod this Halloween! All you need is a cardboard box, spray-paint in the color of your choice, poster board, a box cutter, some rubber cement, tape and plastic wrap! You can find the entire tutorial by BabySugar on PopSugar’s website!

Source: BabySugar

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