10 Fabulous No-Carve Painted Pumpkins

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I’ve always been a little OCD. A bit of a perfectionist. Asymmetry has never been a friend of mine and I’m still not sure we have much in common. So when it gets close to Halloween, and it’s time to start thinking about carving pumpkins, my anxiety kicks in just a little. What if I carve a face into the pumpkin, but the eyes are different sizes? What if the shape I carve into the pumpkin is lopsided? Hey, I know! I can paint the pumpkins instead!

Yes, there’s still a chance I could create some uneven designs on my pumpkins using paint, but it’s less likely, and probably easier to fix. And- painted pumpkins look so chic and trendy, that for moms like me, who crave a little coolness in our lives, a painted pumpkin for Halloween is sure to do the trick (or treat)!

source: Funkytime

1. Ombre Effect

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to stick to fall colors for your pumpkin decorating. A pop of pink mixed in with your traditional fall orange will add a punch of fun! You can create an ombre effect to achieve a look that is both trendy and slightly seasonal.

Learn how to do this colorful ombre look on your pumpkins by visiting Funkytime. And for more fun ombre projects to try this fall, we’ve got you covered with 7 Fall DIY Ombre Projects.

source: Handmade Charlotte

2. Styled With Stencils

If you have time to get more crafty with your pumpkin designs, using a stencil is a cool way to add creative patterns. You can also try using painter’s tape to do stripes in different colors.

Head over to Handmade Charlotte, where you’ll find a full list of materials and instructions on stenciling your pumpkins.

source: Design Dining Diapers

3. Modern Metallic

Ooh, don’t you love the idea of doing a metallic look on your pumpkins? It’s so elegant and unique! And my oh my, this is SO EASY to do. You literally just pour metallic paint over your pumpkins and let it drizzle down. The pumpkins used for this project were actually faux pumpkins, but you can use a coat of white or silver paint to get the same effect.

Check out Design Dining Diapers for more information on this project, and take a look at the other great ideas while you’re there!

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