It’s the day of your child’s birthday and you’re so excited to finally make that cake for them that you’ve seen on Pinterest. You spend all morning in the kitchen baking away imagining how perfect the finished product is going to be and how much your child is going to love it. As you come close to finishing the cake you realize that your version definitely does not look anything like the version you saw on Pinterest. You probably cry and freak out not knowing what you’re going to do, as the rest of your family and friends are laughing at how ridiculous your cake looks. It may not be funny to you now, but in the weeks and years to come as you look back on the pictures, you’ll laugh as hard as everyone else. The good news is that you’re not alone when it comes to baking fails. Laugh with us as we look at these 10 kids birthday cakes that went horribly wrong.



1. To Infinity And Beyond…Horrible

Any child who receives this cake for their birthday will most likely have nightmares for days or even weeks to come. Just look at that evil smile and crazy eyes! I might even have nightmares now myself.

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2. Hannah Montana As A Demon?

Hannah Montana is known for impersonating many people, but who knew Hannah Montana could dress up as a demon, too. Talk about a terrifying cake for a 6 year old.

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3. Ariel, Is That You?

All I can think of to say for this cake is “Wow.” It may be the worst cake recreation ever. There is no way anyone would know what that is supposed to be without a picture of Ariel next to it.

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Mary Mulroney

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