Velcro is one of those household items that is extremely useful, but often forgotten about. It can serve so many purposes, but we just don’t quite know how to use it to it’s full potential. There are so many ways you can help organize your house with velcro that will completely change the way your home functions and looks. Here are 12 great ways to use it that you’ve probably never thought of before.



1. Keep The TV Remote In Place

Sick of losing the TV remote because no one puts in back in the same place? Try using velcro to attach it to the side, or even the back, of the TV! It will keep it where it should be which is next to the TV. If you mount it behind the TV you won’t even see it laying around when company is over and it will keep your home looking more tidy and organized. Thanks to handy dandy velcro, no more constantly searching for the TV remote.

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2. Hang Flashlights For Emergencies

In times of emergencies it’s great to know exactly where a flashlight is so you don’t have to search in the dark for some light. Take some velcro and put it on the flashlight as well as a certain place on the wall so it can be easily accessible during a time of need. Make sure the whole family knows where the light is, or put one in each room so no matter where you are in a time of emergency you’ll have access to one. A great place for them in the bedrooms is right next to the bed in case something happens while you are sleeping. It’s hard to be oriented in the dark, especially when you’re half asleep so having that flashlight handy will certainly help.



3. Keep Rugs In Their Place

We all have those pesky rugs that slide and move around all over the floor. We have one in our kitchen that the dog moves almost every day as he runs on it, so needless to say I can’t wait to try this for myself. Simply attach velcro to your rug and then on the floor and voila! Your rug will no longer move around all over the floor. Such a simple solution.

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Mary Mulroney

Mary Mulroney

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