10 Mesmerizing Matte Manicures

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There always seems to be a new nail trend on the block. If it’s not accent nails, it’s doticures or water marbling. If you’re nail designed-challenged (raising my hand!), many of these trends are out of reach. That’s why I love the matte nail style because all it takes is a matte top coat and you are instantly in style. Check out some of these gorgeous manis that will have you rushing out to buy your matte top coat stat.

1. Purple Rain

This purple matte mani also combines the popular accent nail style. While the matte polish gives this manicure a subdued vibe, the glitter accent nail tosses in a little glamour for a truly remarkable design.

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2.  Matte French Mani

You’re no longer stuck with boring pink and white mani if you love acrylics. While I definitely cannot pull of this pointed nail look, slapping a matte coat on your French mani is sure to turn some heads and give you a unique look.

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3. Black Frenchie

Wow, this is one heck of a manicure, am I right? The juxtaposition of the shiny and matte polishes is amazing, especially in a traditional french manicure design. This would be a great mani for Halloween, New Years or any black tie occasion.

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