10 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

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We’ve all been there – either our bra is too big or too small. Then we go to buy a new one and we think we found the perfect fitting one, only to get it home and wear it for 10 minutes and realize it doesn’t fit, either. Bra shopping can be one of the most frustrating things you ever do. So can actually wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly.

If your bra is the wrong size, chances are it’s bothering you in more ways than one, and that can be incredibly annoying. You might not even realize that it’s bothering you, but if you actually pay attention to how many times throughout the day you have to fiddle with and move your bra around, you’d be surprised at how much you do it. If this is something you have caught yourself doing often, chances are you’re wearing the wrong bra size. Use these 10 signs as a guide to know if your bra is fitting you correctly or not.


1. Cup Overflow

If your breasts are overflowing and spilling out over the cups, then you’re bra is definitely too small. Your breasts should not come up and over the cup at all. They should fit nicely inside the cups at all times. Just like you’re favorite roller coaster ride.


2. The Cups Are Flimsy And Loose

If there is extra room in your cups where you could fill it in with some tissues, you need to go down a size. I know you want to have bigger boobs, but just because you buy a bigger size, doesn’t mean that’s what your real size is. Stay true to your size and make sure that your breasts completely fill out the cups without leaving them flimsy or loose.


3. The Bra Is Leaving Red Marks Or Indentations

Ever take your bra off and you can see exactly where the straps were sitting because it’s either red or completely indented? Well, guess what? You’re bra is too small! You can try loosening the straps, but chances are the whole thing is just too small. You may also be wearing the wrong style of bra. If you have a larger bust, then you need to stay away from flimsy, thin straps that cannot adequately support you. You will need to have wider straps to help absorb the weight and avoid those red marks.

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