10 Smashing Ideas To Create An Unforgettable Summer Party

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Sure, there are four seasons in a year, but without a doubt, our favorite time of year is summer. You can hit the beach, have a barbecue, splash in the pool, and so much more! Plus, it’s the best time of year for hosting a big beautiful bash! There are so many wonderful ideas out there for entertaining friends and family! We’ve chosen the best of the best to share with you, to help you put together a summer party that none of your guests will soon forget.

#1 – Get Glow(ing!)

These chic DIY decorations are the perfect touch to hosting an outdoor summer bash that continues on into the night. The best part, though? They’re super easy to make! Simply take empty mason jars that have been cleaned out, take some glow sticks, cut them and empty them into the jar, and glitter for some sparkle, and voila! Instant party lighting!

Source: MSN Living

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