11 Ways To Get The Fixer Upper Look In Your Home

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Source: hgtv.com

4. Light Color Pallettes

Joanna’s designs always look so bright, open, and airy because she uses very light and neutral color pallets. Choose items for your home that are light in color like light gray sofas, soft blue walls, white curtains, etc. Keeping the colors light and neutral will make the room look like one whole design. Your eye sight won’t constantly be broken up by darker pieces of furniture or walls.


Source: hgtv.com

5. Use Greenery

One of the best ways to bring life into a room is to use greenery, whether it’s fresh or fake. Joanna uses a lot of simple greenery like a few stems of flowers in a vase, or a small leafy plant in a water pot. You don’t need a lot, just a few pieces in each room will really make a huge difference and will make the space feel more fresh.


Source: hgtv.com

6. Distressed Furniture

Joanna is big on using distressed pieces of furniture and accessories. In almost every room she designs you’ll see a distressed wood table, a distressed wood chandelier, or a distressed wood bookshelf. It’s a look that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it’s a must if you want to get the Fixer Upper look. It actually gives the room a more “lived in” look and gives it a little more character. I guess you could say it looks more “real” because, let’s be honest, over time things in our homes get beat up.

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