11 Ways To Get The Fixer Upper Look In Your Home

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Source: hgtv.com

7. Texture

One of the reasons why Joanna’s designs look so dimensional is because she uses a lot of texture. There is texture in everything from brick or shiplap walls, baskets to hold blankets, distressed wood furniture, sisal rugs, and more. Mixing textures like this gives the room more depth and makes it look more interesting.


Source: hgtv.com

8. Letter And Word Art

Joanna uses a lot of letters and words to decorate rooms with. Whether it’s a large “M” to represent the home owner’s last name, or a sign above the kitchen table that says “Gather,” you’ll find them in many of her designs. On the show, you’ll often times see her rustling through her decorative accessories in storage and there will be piles and piles of letters. She obviously has a love for them, and it’s one of her signature touches.


Source: hgtv.com

9. Open Shelving

Whether you find the open shelving in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, it’s something you’ll always find in Joanna’s designs. Open shelving is great for displaying decorative items and gives you storage space without closing off the room and making it look smaller.

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