12 Alternative Decor Ideas To Hang On A Gallery Wall

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5. Baskets

African baskets are another piece of decor that have been really popular over the past few years because they are colorful, visually interesting, and create lots of texture and depth in your decor. You can find flat or fairly flat ones all over the internet and a lot of times at second hand stores. Go colorful or stay neutral – either way it’ll look great hanging on your wall.

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6. Sculpture

There are lots of wall decor objects other than frames such as interesting wall sculptures. They’re perfect item to hang on your wall because they look interesting, create depth to your decor, and are completely different shapes than frames. It would be a nice break in the wall full of boxy frames. You can choose one that’s flat and two dimensional or get more creative and go for one that’s three dimensional. Either way it will look stunning as a piece of decor.


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7. Garland

Garlands are probably all over your Pinterest feed and there’s a great reason why – they are incredibly adorable! There are so many versions of garlands out there that come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you are sure to find one that’s perfect for your home. They bring so much cheer into the room because they have that “party” feel to them. Every day will feel like a party when you have beautiful garland hanging in your home.


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8. Marquee Signs

If you really want to add something interesting to your gallery wall, include a marquee sign with lights. It’s creative wall art that incorporates light into your wall decor! It’ll definitely be a different piece from all your other frames which will make your wall more visually interesting to look at. It’ll also make your gallery wall look bold and unique when it’s darker in your home because the lights will illuminate the other pieces of art around it. Sounds like the perfect piece of art to me!

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