12 Alternative Decor Ideas To Hang On A Gallery Wall

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9. Woven Tapestry

A great way to bring some texture and warmth to your wall is to hang a woven tapestry. They three dimensionality of the string, the colors, and the material make it a visually interesting piece of art that is modern and unique. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re daring enough to make this bold statement, you’re sure to love it. We have our very own tutorial to make your own woven tapestry right here.


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10. Taxidermy

While you may actually have a real piece of taxidermy to hang on your wall or not, it doesn’t matter, because you can find some amazing replicas in so many finishes that are absolutely stunning. These make great gallery wall pieces because they can be more of a focal point, not to mention that they are an incredibly creative piece of art. You can hang things on the antlers such as garlands – how creative and fun!


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11. Lettering

If you want to represent your family’s name in your home decor, do so by incorporating the beginning letter into your wall art. It’s a great way to include something meaningful while still being decorative. Don’t be afraid of large sizes or fun colors. Make the letter stand out on your wall by having it be a fun color or a great texture, like glitter!

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12. Banners

Instead of hanging quotes in a picture frame, hang them on a fun banner. It’s a unique spin on an old decorative piece. Hanging quotes on walls is nothing new, but putting them on fabric in banner form sure is! It is a great upgrade to a classic piece of decor and will look much more interesting than sitting in a frame.

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