12 Healthy Habits for Fun this Fall

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Who has two thumbs and rolls her eyes every time someone tells her healthy habits aren’t fun?

This girl.

Okay, that probably works better if you can see me, but you get the picture. “Healthy” and “fun” don’t usually go hand in hand for some people – but I’m on a mission to have all the fun while being as healthy as I can! It’s good for me, it’s good for my family, and it can be good for you, too – I promise!

Looking to pair your fall fun with healthy habits? Give any of these simple tips a try:


1. Rake the Yard

Have a leaf blower? Or kids? Or both? If you answered yes to any of those, chances are good “raking leaves” isn’t at the top of your “what to do with my non-existent spare time” list.

Don’t tackle it alone! Raking leaves may burn calories, but it can get tedious. Make it a family task. Rake together, chat with each other and jump in the pile at the end if you’re so inclined.

2. Take a Hike

Instead of driving around to look at fall foliage, find a nearby hiking trail instead! Get friends or family together for a brisk adventure amidst fall’s fiery colors.

3. Sub in Some Veggies

Diet too heavy in pasta and potatoes and too light on veggies? Try making a few clever (yet tasty!) substitutes. Try swapping your spaghetti noodles for your shredded squash of choice. Or, jump on board the cauliflower bandwagon and give this oft-overlooked vegetable a flavor makeover.

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