12 Terrific Travel Activities For Kids

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Source: Parents.com

4. Travel Scavenger Hunt

This activity requires some planning in advance. Download pictures of landmarks or the places you plan on seeing while on your trip, and paste them on to index cards. Then put them on a key chain and hand to your kids. They will get pumped up as they look through the places they are headed, and you can create your own games to go with it if you’d like.

Parents.com has 9 additional traveling activities perfect for your kids so check it out!

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Source: MarthaStewart.com

5. Car Bingo

There’s a reason bingo is a popular game: it’s FUN. You can create your own bingo cards using animals or landmarks, and kids can check them off as you go. A great idea is to laminate your cards and provide the kiddos with dry erase markers, so the fun doesn’t have to stop when your card is filled up. The options are endless when it comes to creating your own themed cards!

MarthaStewart.com has free, downloadable bingo cards just for you, and even more travel game ideas!


Source: ItsAlwaysAutumn.com

6. Travel Bag Surprises

Long car rides are tedious for everyone, but it helps if both you and the kids have something to look forward to besides the next dirty rest stop. Create some simple travel bag surprises by using brown bags, and writing your destinations on the outside. Your kids get to open one at each planned stop, which will hopefully keep them well behaved in anticipation. They can be something simple like a snack or pack of stickers. I bet your husband would appreciate one too!

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