12 Terrific Travel Activities For Kids

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7. Stories on CD

I really dislike having movies in the car because it seems like a copout and because my daughter has a tendency to get car sick. But she LOVES listening to stories, and that’s why we always have some in the car. My absolute favorite are Adventures in Odyssey, a radio show that has been on the air for over 20 years. You can buy them all on CD and as of now, there are over 50 volumes, most with over 4 hours of listening EACH! And trust me, even the adults in the car will love listening.


Source: Amazon

8. Magnetic Travel Games

The best games are those that are easy to play, and if you’re lucky, involve two kids. Magnetic games are perfect for traveling because you are more likely to keep all the pieces together, giving it a long lifespan. Magnetic games like the one listed above come in a cute tin to keep everything together, and in tons of varieties. They are less than $10 and you have your choice of hangman, bingo and so much more.


Source: Amazon

9. Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy

Pipe cleaners are an excellent travel activity because they are safe for young children, all the way up to adults. They take up minimal space in your already crammed car, and are a great “quiet time” activity. You can just buy a large pack (they are so cheap!) or get a fun activity book like the one pictured above for some guided activities.

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