20 Easy and Adorable Paper Plate Crafts

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Source: education.com

6. Tambourines

Why is it that kids love anything that makes loud noises and drives us mommies crazy? If you haven’t already gone insane hearing those noisy toys, let your child create this paper plate tambourine. You may even get to see them dance their feet off as they play their new musical instrument. It may make some noise, but seeing their joy and excitement while they play their new instrument will make it worth it.

(For kids crafts as well as games, workbooks, and other learning and teaching tools for kids, head over to Education.com).Holiday-hats-for-every-occasion-e1327077251464

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7. Fun Hats

Hats are an awesome prop for any occasion: parties, holidays, birthdays, etc. This website has a tutorial for almost any hat you could ever imagine making for any of those occasions. Now you’ll never have to send your child to school on a holiday without wearing something fun and unique.

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8. Pirate Plates

Arrrrrren’t these paper plate pirate faces too cute for words? These would be perfect for a pirate themed child’s room, party, or just because your little one loves pirates so much and wants to make one. Get creative while making them with your child and only speak in “pirate talk.” That’ll sure get you both laughing and having a great time.

(For lots of crafts and activities to do with young children, head over to Terrific2s blog).fun-nature-preschool-crafts

Source: papercraftstyle.com

9. Flying Owl

Owls have become one of the most popular animals used in home and party decor, clothes, and accessories. It’s probably because they are so incredibly cute! Your kids will love making this adorable big eyed owl. After they make it, they can play with it or you can hang it from the ceiling and let it fly.

(Paper Craft Style has all the craft ideas you could ever imagine using paper for both kids and adults).summer-crafts-for-childrens

Source: papercraftstyle.com

10. School of Fish

Since you’ll probably be visiting some form of body of water this summer during the heat waves, you can take this opportunity to make a fish craft with your child and teach them about fish, the ocean, or any body of water. They’ll love learning as well as painting the fish bright fun colors.

(Paper Craft Style has all the craft ideas you could ever imagine using paper for both kids and adults).

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