26 Adorable Letter Crafts – One For Each Letter Of The Alphabet!

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Kids generally love hands on activities and lessons. Easy crafts are always a great way to get them using their hands and their minds churning. It’s even better when those crafts can be a learning activity for them to learn more about the world. When it comes time for your child to learn the alphabet, it’s great to give them examples of words that start with each letter as well as show them how that letter looks. You can make lots of cute crafts that represent both of these that will not only be fun for your child, but teach them a lot about the world they live in and about the 26 letters of the alphabet. Here are 26 letter crafts that your child can make as they learn the alphabet.

alligator 015

Source: notimeforflashcards.com

1. A Is For Aligator

This alligator’s sharp teeth and googly eyes are sure to make any child excited about learning the letter A. Even the teeth look like the letter, which will drive the lesson home even more. They’re sure to remember this fierce face when thinking about the letter A in the future.

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Source: intentionalbygrace.com

2. B Is For Bunny

Let’s be honest, what child wouldn’t love making this fluffy bunny? I mean the cotton ball craft is just too adorable and would make any child excited about learning the letter B. Not to mention that this is an incredibly simple craft that only requires cotton balls, construction paper, and markers!

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Source: missmarensmonkeys.blogspot.com

3. C Is For Cat

Kids love cats. They’re fluffy, cute, and mysterious since they’ll almost never let a child pet them. Your child would love making this simple C craft for a cat. Every time they see a cat when you’re out and about they’ll be sure to remember this craft and remember that it starts with C!

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Source: mamaslikeme.com

4. D Is For Dinosaur

There’s something about dinosaurs that all kids love. It’s intriguing for them to learn about something that doesn’t even exist anymore. They would love making this letter D look like a cute little dinosaur and would probably carry it around for a few days saying “Roar,” and playing with it.

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Source: jennicanknit.blogspot.com

5. E Is For Elephant

How fun is this letter E elephant? I love it’s big snout and large ear. It surely would help children remember that elephant starts with the letter E. It’s also so easy to make because all you need is some construction paper, scissors, and glue! Doesn’t get much more simple than that!

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