5 Activities To Do With Your Child That Relieve Stress

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Our days are busy and stress is often something we feel more than happiness. Our kids feed off of our emotions and sometimes try to help us by carrying some of our burdens. Children won’t always tell us when they are feeling stressed, but it often shows through their impatience, defiance, or a dramatic change in mood.

So how do we help?

Well, it’s important to teach our kids how to talk about their feelings and emotions, but sometimes they won’t have the words to define how they feel and just giving them space to work through their stress is what they need the most. Here are some things you can do with your children to help them relieve stress. Give them comfort by doing the activities below together:

relieve stress

1. Essential Oil Scented PlayDoh

Every kid loves playdoh! Whether it’s pretending to cook with the colorful dough or molding it into tiny animal figurines, this is one of my children’s favorite tools to create something new! But did you know that along with making your OWN playdoh, you can also add some essential oils to the recipe for a scent that soothes and calms while the dough is being pulled and stretched into every shape under the sun? Click here for the essential oil scented playdoh recipe!

2. Glitter jars

I have seen first-hand how calming glitter jars can be! I have to admit, I found the jars boring and couldn’t imagine my kids sitting still long enough to watch the glitter float to the bottom. BUT.THEY.DO! It’s incredible. If I see a tantrum start to rise before boiling over, I hand them the glitter jar, and my kids know what to do! And guess what…when my kids’ stress lessens, so does mine! Click here for a description of how to make your own glitter jars at home!

3. DIY Stress balls

This is another fun do-it-yourself craft that offers kids a calming resource. Go to moonfrye.com for directions on how to create your own stress ball! When your kids join in the creation, they are more likely to attach to the tool you want them to use and reach for it in times of stress.

4. Yoga

Yoga isn’t just a trendy exercise for women, it truly is powerful for children to practice mindfulness, stop long enough to sit with their emotions, and begin the process to work through difficult feelings by connecting their mind, body, and spirit. Over on another one of our posts, we have linked to a free yoga printable we recommend! Click here to check it out.

5. Sandbox

Sand has such a great texture for those who are seeking sensory play. Giving kids a way to use their imaginations will immediately distract their minds from the stress they are feeling. Throw anything in a sandbox and kids will find ways to explore and play for hours. Click here for more information about sand play.

Oh, and for those mamas who hate sand (like me) and who live in the midwest, try filling a box with dried corn instead!

Tell us in the comments what activities you do with your littles to help lessen their stress!


relieve stress

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