5 Genius Hacks For The Perfect Baby Shower

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Whether you are throwing it yourself, or someone else is blessing you with a baby shower bash, there are some easy ways to make this event as stress free as possible. While I know it is tempting to go all out and have a Pinterest worthy party, is the stress really necessary? Having just had my second baby shower recently, I thought I would share some of my baby shower “hacks” to make the host and baby mama’s life easier.



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1. Address Thank You Envelopes

This one. All the praise hands. I looooove writing Thank You cards and always load up on them at Target’s One spot section. The only thing I don’t love doing, is hunting down the address so I can send those thank you’s out, especially so many at once after an event like a baby shower. Set up a little envelope station with a cute note and ask the guests to write their address on a blank envelope. This will give mama one less thing to stress about.


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2. Electronic Baby Invitations

I know we live in a day and age where technology is taking over everything, but the convenience is just unmatched. I love unique and hand made invitations, but the price tag is sometimes a bit overwhelming. Plus if you are trying to keep your shower planning to a minimum, electronic invitations can help with that. There a ton of online sites that offer electronic invitations, such as Punchbowl. Or you can order invitations from Etsy and either print at home, or simply email/text the PDF or JPEG to your guests. This is a personal favorite of mine because I can print a few invitations at home for the Grandparents, but just text or email the rest out to my more tech savvy friends. All while having a fabulous and personalized invitation to fit your theme.

Check out Invites2Adore at www.etsy.com for more gorgeous invitations.


3. Edible Favors

So, while you absolutely don’t have to do favors at your shower, I know many of us still feel like its an important part of throwing a party. My way of getting around this extra detail, while also keeping costs low, was to provide cupcakes for all the guests. With all the other food we had, the cupcakes are always the last thing to be eaten and most people grab then as they head out of the door with already full bellies. You could do the same thing with cookies, or some other delicious treat. Plus, a pretty dessert tables makes for a great party decoration.


4. Have a Planning Party

Enlist the help of other close friends or family members and get together and have a planning party. We did this recently for a friends shower and it was the perfect excuse to have a girls night. Grab some wine, or a non-alcoholic beverage of choice if the mama-to-be is going to be there, and some yummy treats and get your DIY on. You will be surprised how much you can get done in one night and how much simpler the shower set up will be if you have everything already planned out.


5. Reuse and Recycle

My shower for my baby boy was an outdoorsy, adventure, woodsy theme. I know, I know, I couldn’t pick just one. After ransacking mine and my best friends house, I realized a had ton of decor I could use for the shower without spending a penny or wasting a ton of energy searching the stores. Likewise if you need flower arrangements, why not stick to wildflowers and look around your neighborhood to see what you can find. Just make sure you are not plucking your next door neighbors prize winning roses.

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