6 Items To Bring With You To Make Your Hospital Birth More Relaxing

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Ok, so you are probably thinking, “who is this crazy lady who just put relaxing and birth in the same sentence.” Haha, that would be me. I honestly believe that we can and should, make birth the most relaxing and calming environment we can. While I am more than happy to have my babies in the hospital, I have to say it is not the most relaxing of environments to be in. After talking with some other mamas about what they did to make their birth experience more calming and relaxing, here are the top ideas I heard. I’m definitely going to be bringing some, if not all, of these things to the hospital with me.

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1. Battery Operated Candles

Hospital lighting can be a little harsh, and really, unless the doctor and nurse is in the room trying to get a good look, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to turn down the lights and set a relaxing atmosphere for yourself. I have a set of these battery operated candles at home and they are so soothing, plus the have no fire risk and no mess. You can snag yourself some on Amazon.com. They might seem a little out there to be packing with your, but remember, this is your birth and you can make it as comfortable and relaxing as you like.


2. Playlist + Speaker

Music, whether its calming and quiet, or something to help you keep powering through those contractions, is a must for your labor. We have one of those little portable speakers that connects to our phones which is small and easy to travel with which is what I will be packing in my hospital bag.


3. Essential Oils

You can use essential oils in many different ways during labor, but for me personally just the scent of them in the room helped me relax. You can also make yourself an calming room spray, there are tons of recipes online you can use. If you are unsure about how to use essential oils, find someone local who is educated in essential oils to give you the run down on what is best for labor and delivery and how to safely use oils.


4. Birthing Ball

Some hospitals will provide this for you, but if not, definitely bring your own with you. Bouncing on this can relieve pain and help manage contractions, and it can also help you relax in-between those contractions.


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5. Back Massager

Lets be honest, not all our birthing partners are an experts in massage. But don’t fear, this nifty little thing can really help ease those achy contraction pains, and anyone can use it. Make sure this is packed in your hospital bag!


6. Pillow

There is nothing quiet like sleeping in your own bed and on your own pillow. So, if you can’t sleep in your own bed, the next best thing is to have your own pillow. Wether you are sleeping, managing contractions or using it to help nurse after the baby is born, having your own pillow can help keep you relaxed and comfortable all the way through the birth and recovery.

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