6 Amazing Busy Board Ideas

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If you have a toddler then you’ll agree that a pretty accurate description of one is “busy.” Toddlers love expending energy and that often means playing with “adult” things that we would rather they wouldn’t, like our car keys, kitchen timers or front door knobs. While we don’t want to quash their curiosity, we also want to keep them (and our valuables and wall paint!) safe. A great way to keep your toddler entertained, learning and just plain busy is to build them a busy board! All you need is a piece of wood and any odds and end that toddlers love to play with: locks, light switches, door stoppers, wheels, bells- you name it! Many of us have these in our garages from leftover home improvement projects, or they can be purchased very inexpensively. If you need some inspiration for building your own busy board, then check out some of these amazing boards!

busy board

Source: YoungHouseLove.com

1. Latch Busy Board

This is perfectly sized board featuring all types of latches. Kids will love opening and closing the hinges and latches, and it’s bound to keep them entertained. These creators even added some colorful carabiners that are permanently attached to some of the handles to give some extra color and activities.

Visit YoungHouseLove.com for the full tutorial and other home design ideas!

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