9 DIY Non-Candy Valentines for Kids

non-candy valentines

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Ever get tired of the endless amounts of candy that take over your home around the holidays?  Kids get so much candy and not only is it not healthy for them, but definitely very tempting for us moms to have around.  Why not save other moms the candy tempting trouble and opt for a less sugar-y Valentine Card for your little one to hand out this year?  Even without the candy, these cute Valentines will still be a big hit.

non-candy valentines

Source: LoveAndLion.com

1. MatchBox Valentines

Vroom vroom! These cute little valentines are perfect for your little car lover. A simple cardstock valentine can be printed at home, then attach an inexpensive Matchbox car (you can get them for under $1 or get an off-brand version at a dollar store!) with cute washi tape. Perfect for small class sizes or just a few close friends!

See more details at LoveAndLion.com.

non-candy valentines

Source: IHeartCraftyThings.com

2. Heart Stamper Valentines

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can never have enough hearts! Give the gift of love this year with these sweet cards, complete with a heart stamp. You can buy them in bulk inexpensively from Amazon, then print and cut your own cards. Don’t forget the cute washi tape!

We found this adorable idea over at IHeartCraftyThings.com!

non-candy valentines

Source: SmartSchoolHouse.com

3. Kinetic Sand Valentine

If you’re feeling extremely industrious, you can use kinetic sand to whip up this cute non-card Valentines. Snag some brightly colored sand, toss in an inexpensive container then pop one of these free stickers from SmartSchoolHouse.com on top! These are definitely a one of a kind non-candy valentine!

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