9 DIY Non-Candy Valentines for Kids

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Source: thecardswedrew.com

7. You’re A Cutie

Even if a child doesn’t like fruit, odds are they like those delicious Cutie clementines.  They are like candy in fruit form.  Not only are they super yummy, but incredibly easy to peel and eat.  I doubt a child would be sad to receive a Cutie as a Valentine.  Again, these Valentines are really easy to make.  You can put as many or as few as you like in a zip loc bag, then staple on the adorable “You’re a real cutie” card and you’ve got yourself a healthy Valentine.

(The Cards We Drew has amazing ideas for all things party planning).


Source: littlelovables.blogspot.com

8. Pet Rock

This DIY Valentine card is not only creative, but could be free!  Take your kiddo outside and search for and collect as many little rocks as you can find.  If you don’t feel like hunting for rocks, you can certainly buy some at your local craft store.  Once you have all the rocks you needs, make sure to wash them off before you start working with them.  No parent wants their child bringing a dirty rock into the house.  Let the rocks dry for a bit, then pull out all the paint supplies and permanent markers you have.  You can either paint on the cute little face onto the rock, or draw it on with a permanent marker.  Next, make up a little card that says “You Rock,” either by hand or on the computer and then glue it right to the rock.

(If you’re looking for a great blog to read about life, crafting, beauty, and so much more, check out Little Lovables).


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Source: deliacreates.com

9. Glowing Valentine

I am in love with this Valentine idea.  These glow sticks are such a hot toy for kids to play with that I guarantee all the kids in your child’s class will love to receive this instead of candy.  You can buy these glow sticks for pretty cheap at the dollar store, so again, this idea is pretty inexpensive as well.  Just print out the “You make my heart glow” card then attach them to the glow sticks.  You can secure them two different ways.  The easy way would be to tape the card to each glow stick.  The more time consuming way would be to punch two holes in the card, one at the top and one at the bottom, then feed the glow stick through both holes.  So easy, fun, and a sure way to make your kid’s Valentine glow!

(Delia Creates has some very wonderful tutorials, printables, and recipes that will inspire your creative side).


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