6 Tips On Weaning Your Toddler From A Bottle

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If you’re reading this, you most likely are a mom who already has a toddler who can’t ditch their bottle, not a mom who’s preparing to wean their pre-toddler. While there will be some of you prepared mamas out there, the majority of us probably let the bottle slip into your kids daily routine for just a little too long. Now, you’re stuck with a demanding toddler who won’t hand over their bottle for anything. Letting go of the bottle is not just difficult for kids, but mothers too who find it easy and also a little nostalgic as you watch your baby grow into a little boy or girl. It is recommended by the American Dental Association that babies are weaned off bottles by age 1 (so early!) because of the risk of tooth decay. But if you’re past that age already, then check out our list of tips on weaning your toddler from that pesky bottle.


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1. Find A Sippy Cup That Works

I probably went through 10 types of stupid sippy cups before I realized that my daughter just didn’t like them, and preferred a simple straw cup. What’s the difference? Traditional sippy cups are usually made to help transition between bottle and big-kid cup. They are often “no leak” and have a valve that requires some serious sucking to get the liquid out. They can also have handles, have soft or hard tip spouts and are usually shorter for little hands to pick up. Straw cups are just a smaller version of a regular cup, complete with lid and plastic straw. The point is- keep looking and trying cups until you find one your child is willing to drink out of. There’s one out there for everyone! Remember that learning to drink from a straw and open mouth cup paves the way for your child’s speech development!

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