6 Ways To DIY A Makeup Vanity


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As moms, we don’t get enough time to ourselves. Most days, we’re lucky if we have time to swipe some chapstick across our lips. Having time to do a full face of makeup? That’s a rarity for most moms. Maybe we’d spend more time pampering ourselves if we had a special little place to do it. I love the idea of creating a simple makeup vanity where I could store all of my beauty products and spend time making myself look and feel good.

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, your birthday or another special occasion, wouldn’t it be nice if your husband helped you set up your own at-home makeup corner? Just show him these ideas and let him know how easy it is to replicate one.

makeup vanitysource: Home With Lo

1. In The Corner

Instead of wasting space in a dead corner, you could easily convert it to a makeup station. Build or buy a corner desk unit, find a comfy ottoman chair and add a mirror, along with a few shelves to hold your beauty products. Not only will you have a special space for yourself, you’ll free up other places where all those beauty supplies would otherwise be stored. Maybe your hubby could expand his own beauty product collection in that newly available space.

Learn how to build your own corner makeup vanity at Home With Lo, where there are lots of other great projects to check out.

makeup vanitysource: Beyond the Picket Fence

2. Repurposed Pieces

Using kitchen stools and an old chair, this mom created a makeup vanity for her teenage daughter. With some spray paint and new fabric, the stools and chair were transformed into a rustic chic makeup table. A mirror, a few baskets and a handful of other items completed this area and it looks so great!

Get the full project details over at Beyond the Picket Fence.

makeup vanitysource: The Everygirl

3. Dresser Design

I don’t think I ever would have thought of turning a dresser into a makeup vanity. But that’s such a simple way to do it! Store makeup and larger beauty products in the drawers, and use the top area to keep the items out that you use every day. Add geometric shelves for additional storage and to give the space a more stylish look.

Get more fashion & beauty ideas by visiting The Everygirl.

makeup vanitysource: Major Shenanniegans

4. Budget-Friendly

If you don’t have a big budget available for a makeup vanity, you can still create something nice. Use a small table and chair to start with, and then take advantage of inexpensive storage pieces that offer functionality and don’t take up additional space. You’ll just need one mirror, which you can make the focal point of the vanity.

Head over to Major Shenanniegans to more tips on decorating small spaces when you’re on a budget.

makeup vanitysource: Home By Heidi

5. Tiffany Inspired

Pulling inspiration from jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co., this modern bedroom incorporates a chic and classy makeup vanity that was custom made. The tri-fold mirror is great for checking your hair and makeup from different angles. The glass top is easy to clean, and the overall design is simple and elegant.

Check out more of this stylish bedroom, and find more great decorating ideas from Home By Heidi.

makeup vanitysource: Rock My Style

6. Small Space

If you don’t have a very large collection of makeup and beauty products, you can create a vanity that accommodates your tiny collection. With one shelf, one chair, and a hanging mirror, you’ll have an area all your own for primping. If your makeup collection ever does grow, you can easily find small storage baskets or drawers to put on top of the shelf.

You’ll find a lot more great home and fashion content over at Rock My Style.


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