5 Simple Tips On Getting Your Baby Dressed

getting baby dressed

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The time has come that you can finally pull out all those cute tiny clothes you’ve been collecting (or hoarding). No doubt you have been planning these outfits for months, and can’t wait to dress your sweet baby bundle. Except, why didn’t anyone warn you that you might break a sweat trying to get those tiny legs and arms into those cute little outfits? Turns out, not all babies liked getting dressed and might put up quite the fight. Here are some tips to save your sanity while styling your babe.

getting your baby dressed

1. Stick To Easy Fastenings

While some outfits are particularly cute, are they really worth the hassle if they have tons of buttons or snaps on the back? Who even decided it was a good idea to put fasteners on the back of baby clothes? Stick to simple easy to put on items and stretchy fabrics. Zip up pajamas are especially helpful because they take no time at all to put on your squirmy infant.

2. Diaper Snaps

If you can’t open it from the bottom for easy diaper changing, leave it at the store. I promise you will thank me when you are on your twentieth diaper change of the day. Sure that romper is cute, but you don’t really want to be pulling it on and off all day long.

3. Avoid Outfit Changes

We all know that babies will blow through clothes quicker then you can wash them, but there are a few ways you can prevent that from happening as much as possible. Using a bib during feedings will stop any unnecessary milk from getting on their clothes, and when your baby starts to teeth keeping a bib on will help soak up all that drool. If you start to notice diaper blow outs happening regularly, it might be time to up the diaper size.

4. Distraction

It’s never to early to distract with a silly song, or gentle tickle. Soon cooing and talking will replace the fussy crying and you can make a game out of getting dressed. Keep a paci or rattle handy in case you need some extra distraction.

5. Mom Hacks

It won’t take long before you figure out some mom-hacks of your own to make dressing your little love easier. Whether it is stretching out the necklines before you slip them on, or gently holding onto their hand and you slip their sleeves on soon you will have mastered the knack of getting your baby dressed. Just in time for them to start trying some new tricks they have learnt, like rolling over or crawling.


getting your baby dressed

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