7 Cheap and Creative DIY Kids Bedroom Storage Hacks

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I love the satisfaction a neat and organized house brings me. But however organized the rest of the house is, the kids’ rooms can be a lot harder to feel good about. There are plenty of organizational hacks for adults, but organizing a kid’s bedroom can be difficult to master.

The most important thing to consider when organizing a kid’s bedroom is that a kid has to be able to clean their own room. If shelves are too high, or toy boxes too hard to open, they aren’t going to be able clean their room without your help. Setting up appropriate storage in the kids’ bedrooms will not only help you, but it will teach them how to organize and maintain their own room. Here are 9 cheap and creative storage hacks for kids’ bedrooms.


1. Labels Make Tidying Easier

It’s one thing to have enough storage for everything in the kid’s bedroom, it’s an entirely different thing to have everything organized. Using labels with pictures for the littles, is a great way to make cleaning their bedroom easy. They’ll know where everything goes, and will be able to find the toy they’re looking for. The practice also encourages organizational skills.

As we’ve said before, when it comes to organizing your closet: “The more you label, the more you’ll easily be able to find what you want when you want it.”

2. Over-the-Door Shoe Hangers for Extra Storage

Over-the-door shoe hangers are a great way to store shoes, but also so many other things. The pockets are perfect way to store kids’ clothes and accessories not to mention Barbies, action figures, Legos, the smaller plush toys, even art supplies.

Translucent pockets will make it easier for the kids to see what’s in each pocket. This kind of storage will keep all those little bits and bobs off the floor and save you the pain of stepping on a Lego piece. Ouch!


3. A Zoo for Plush Animals

Plush toys are cuddly, fun and take up a lot of space. This DIY project is a cool way to display plush toys, while also being neat and easily accessible to the kids. There is plenty of inspiration and variations for “The Toy Zoo,” and it’s not overly complicated to put one together. The image above is the benchmark we strive for!

4. Vacuum Seal Clothes and Toys

Vacuum sealing out-of-season clothes will save you a lot of space in the kids’ wardrobes; you can also vacuum seal plush toys. Vacuum sealing toys and clothes is a great way to keep these items in good nick and out of sight. You can store the vacuum sealed bags in the wardrobe or in a bedframe with storage to free up closet space.

At the end of the day though, kids will be kids. While we love all these storage options, we feel it’s our responsibilities to leave a final word of advice. Don’t stress out too much – with children there must come a little bit of chaos. Embrace it, practice these storage tips when you can, and you’ll be fine.


5. Under-Bed Drawers

Storing things under the bed in a kid’s bedroom is great, because it’s low enough that the kids can get to it, and leaves no room for monsters to crawl under there (like Brosa’s bed frame, see image above). If the bed doesn’t come with its own drawers, try devising some DIY rolling storage. All you need is some old drawers, some swivel casters, a little bit of paint, and voila! Fantastic for storing toys and books, the kids can easily pull them out and pack everything away without any help from mum.


6. Vintage Suitcases for Stylish Storage

Vintage suitcases are all the rage, and ideas for how to use them are all over Pinterest. Not only do they look good, they’re great for storage because they can be on display without looking out of place in a stylish room.

Kids’ bedrooms need a lot of storage, and you’re going to have difficulty trying to hide it all away. You can use vintage suitcases for those bigger plush toys, board games, books. Store it on top of a wardrobe, if it’s filled with stuff the kids don’t need, and on the ground if you want the kids to have access to it.

7. Shoe Boxes and Baby Wipes Containers for DIY storage

Shoe boxes can be used to store all types of things and are easily stackable. For something more durable, repurpose those Baby Wipes containers. From a portable box of Legos, to snack boxes, Baby Wipes containers can be very useful. In the kids’ bedrooms these containers can be used to store art supplies. And best thing is that you and the kids can have fun decorating these containers, glue some coloured paper to the shoe boxes and grab some coloured markers and the kids can beautify the plain containers.


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