10 Fall Crock Pot Recipes To Keep You Warm All Season

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Even though your crock pot can be used year round, doesn’t everything taste the best when the weather turns chilly and crisp? Soups, stews and chilis all taste just wonderful when you’re warming from the inside out. Fall is slowly rolling in, and I’ve found some of the tastiest recipes out there. Check out these festive meals and get slow cooking.


Source: MomsWithCrockpots.com

1. Crockpot Pumpkin Chili

Nothing says “fall” like pumpkin and chili! Why not marry the two with this delicious crockpot pumpkin chili recipe? Seasoned black beans, ground turkey and pumpkin packed with all sorts of vitamins will get you feeling full and healthy. The spices will make this easy and slow cooking dish unforgettable.

Get the dish for this recipe over at MomsWithCrockpots.com, along with-you guessed it- tons of more crockpot meals!


Source: PinchofYum.com

2. Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup

This cream-based soup is packed with chicken, veggies and adorable potato gnocchi. Bacon and spinach give it an extra punch of salty, but semi-healthy goodness. There’s a little something in it for everyone, and tastes just as great as leftovers.

We seriously love PinchofYum.com, so head over to grab this recipe.


Source: GimmeSomeOven.com

3. Slow Cooker Potato Soup

Every mom needs a delicious potato soup in her repertoire. It’s creamy, filling and pretty darn easy. Top with the family’s favorite toppings, like bacon, cheese and green onions for a meal where everyone can find something to enjoy.

GimmeSomeOven.com has a great recipe, as well as hundreds more you can’t miss.

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