4 Reasons You Should Exercise During “That Time Of The Month”

exercise during your period

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When you think about periods, we bet all you can think about are uneasy sensations and cramps. It probably sounds like a crazy idea to exercise during this time but contrary to popular belief, exercising during your period can help alleviate menstrual cramps. Physical activity can help you deal with the symptoms of PMS and mood swings. Now, when we say exercise, we don’t mean hardcore strength training where you can potentially pass out––any simple physical activity that does not put too much strain on you will do the trick. Here are 4 main reasons you should exercise when Aunt Flo is paying a visit.

exercise during your period1. Brightens Your Mood

Periods bring PMS and mood swings, and they can swings make it difficult for you to be around other people and vice versa. Sometimes, mood swings can lead to minor depression and even anxiety. Exercise helps the body release endorphins that can brighten your mood instantly. Many studies show how activity can trigger a positive feeling in people experiencing depression. When you start to feel happier, your perception of pain is reduced. So, why not use exercise to fight those period blues?

2. Energizes You And Beats Fatigue

It is pretty standard to feel low on energy during your period. But those cramps sure don’t allow you to rest peacefully. The only solution is to fight the exhaustion and get active – and exercise helps you do just that. Working out does not tire you out. Instead, it boosts your energy levels and enables you to beat the weariness. It may be difficult to get yourself to start, but once you start exercising, you will feel your blood circulation and heart rate increase, which results in more energy. The feeling of fatigue is caused not just by lack of physical activity but also when you forget to fuel your system with nutritious food. The combination of good food and exercise will make you feel happier, energized and active.

3. Eases Menstrual Pains

We discussed above how exercising can reduce the perception of pain, thanks to the release of endorphins. So this is probably one of the best reasons to start working out right away. Exercise enhances blood circulation, which, in turn, reduces cramps. It also reduces your stress and anxiety levels, which eventually impact period pains. The lower the levels of stress, the less severe your cramps.

4. Regulates Irregular Periods

Is your period considerably irregular? Exercise can address this issue too. If your period lasts longer than usual or is overdue for a while now, some physical activity can bring your cycle back on track. A combination of a balanced diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle will help you regulate irregular periods. Try new workout routines and explore what works best for you. There is no need to push yourself beyond what is comfortable for you. You can perform light workouts that impact your cycle for the better.

These are a few reasons you should stop worrying and start exercising during your period. Physical activity is good for you not only on an everyday basis but also when you are combating period problems. PMS, cramps, exhaustion, and mood swings – it can fight them all. All you need to do to relieve these menstrual problems is to do any of the exercises mentioned above. So, start now and experience the benefits of exercise during your next period.

Simple Exercises To Do During Your Period

Go For A Walk: I know, sitting in your pajamas in bed all day long sounds lovely, but that does nothing to reduce your cramps. Instead, go out for a walk or get some chores done. This way, you can get a breath of fresh air and even get your mind off the cramps. If you don’t want to step out, you can walk around your home or do some stretches that relieve menstrual cramps.

Yoga: Practicing yoga during your period can help energize you and soothe cramps. Some asanas can relieve bloating and reduce discomfort during periods. They not only reduce physical pain and discomfort but also impart mental peace. If you are looking for mild physical activity, these yoga stretches are a safe bet.

Cardio: Try light exercise like aerobics, jogging, dance, and zumba. They don’t strain you much and reduce period pain.


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