7 Fashion Tips For Your Postpartum Body

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One of the most frustrating things about having a baby is dealing with your postpartum body. It’s extremely frustrating to deal with because you have lumps, bumps, and rolls in places you’ve never had before. It’s not that you have extra weight because you are unhealthy, but you just had a baby and your mid section is trying to figure out how to handle the new body without having a baby in it. You still look pregnant for days or even weeks to come and this can make you feel very uncomfortable and self conscious. However, there are a few ways to disguise and cover up your postpartum bumps and rolls by how you dress your body. Here are 7 great fashion tips for your postpartum body.


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1. Go With The Flow

Choose clothing, especially shirts and dresses, that are flowy instead tight. The flowing fabric will allow you to move around comfortably without feeling like everyone can see every roll and bump in your mid section. It will hide all of your problem areas. That being said, don’t choose things that look like a tent either. Just because it’s flowy doesn’t mean it has to look like its 10 sizes too big for you. Even just a little wiggle room in the clothing will flow and move better than something tight fitting.


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2. Wear Prints And Patterns

One of the best ways to hide those nooks and crannies that you don’t want shown on your body is to wear clothing with prints and patterns. It will disguise those pieces of your body that you’re uncomfortable with because it will take everyone’s eyes off of them. The print will be the main focus on your clothes instead of your body.

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3. Throw On A Blazer, Jacket, Or Cardigan

A great way to hide most of your upper body is to throw on a jacket, blazer, or cardigan. You can choose whichever one you want to wear according to how casual or dressy you want to be. They float away from your body and hide anything underneath it. Jackets and blazers are great because they still provide structure and make your upper body look more strong and structured.


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4. Go For An Empire Waist

One of the most notorious parts of a postpartum body is the “mom pooch.” A great way to hide that, but still have a waist, is to choose shirts and dresses with empire waists. You can also create this same look with anything you wear by wearing a thin belt high up on your waist. Having something synched high up on your waist, but flowing away from your stomach will make you feel more comfortable and will still show off your curves without showing your mom pooch.

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5. Wear Your Maternity Bottoms

After you’ve had your baby, don’t pack up those maternity jeans and pants just yet. These are some of the best pieces of clothes you can wear post partum. They fit your post partum belly very well and won’t hug anything too tight or create any kind of lumps or rolls. I wore my maternity jeans for probably a month or two after I had my son. They are so comfortable and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, which is always a plus.

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6. Find A Good Nursing Bra

Ladies, after you’ve had a baby your breasts will do all sorts of crazy things. They will probably double in size, then shrink down again, lactate, and then sag. One of the most unflattering things about breastfeeding is having to wear nursing bras. They do nothing for the girls and don’t help you feel anymore comfortable about yourself. I felt like they were just another roll on my body because there was no support at all from my nursing bras. Try to find a bra that will support and lift your breasts as well as function as a nursing bra. You may have to spend a little more money to get a really nice one that will make your breasts look great, but, trust me, it’s worth it.


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7. Spanx!

If all else fails, get yourself some Spanx to help hold everything in. It’ll make you feel and look slimmer in your clothes and you’ll feel much more comfortable. Many women say they love the feeling of Spanx because it keeps everything pulled in and looking firm. The great thing is that no one will ever know you’re wearing them and they will think you look so amazing for just having had a baby! It doesn’t get much better than that.

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