7 Fun Summer Projects To Do With LEGOs

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My little guy loves playing with LEGOs. Actually, he loves knocking down all the things we build with LEGOs, but as long as he’s having fun, I don’t care how he plays with them. My one year old has started to play with LEGOs too, and she seems to enjoy a challenge! I hope that both of my children benefit from LEGO play someday. You know, playing with LEGOs can be fun and educational.

There are many activities that children can do with LEGOs to build their STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) and sensory skills, and I’ve got 7 that are great for summer! Check these out. Your kids will have lots of summer fun with these!

source: FrugalFun4Boys.com

1. LEGO Water Wheel

What’s summer without a little H2O? Any activity that involves water is going to be a hit with kids- this summer heat is outrageous! Your kids will love cooling off and building this totally awesome water wheel. Let’s just hope they don’t figure out how to replicate a life-sized one and drench their siblings and friends!

Head over to FrugalFun4Boys.com to learn how to make this super cool creation.

source: handmadekidsart.com

2. LEGO Boat

Not only will your kids have a blast making this boat, they will love figuring out how many pennies it can hold. Once they’ve figured that out, they’ll probably move on to quarters. What a great way to teach them about investing their money wisely, right?

Check out the details on this STEM challenge by visiting handmadekidsart.com.

source: Little Bins For Little Hands

3. LEGO Rainbows

Your children can learn more about colors and meteorology through a project like building LEGO rainbows. Use this activity as a chance to discuss the different types of clouds, what causes rainbows, and review varying tones of each color.

You’ll find lots of other great STEM project ideas, as well as the “how to” for this activity at Little Bins For Little Hands.

source: The STEM Laboratory

4. LEGO Volcano

What’s awesome about this LEGO volcano project is that it’s more like a really fun science experiment! Your kids will really impress their friends when this bad boy erupts its red lava. Yes, there will be a mess. No, you won’t care because your kids will have so much fun with this activity!

The STEM Laboratory has tons of other science experiments worth checking out.

source: Lalymom

5. LEGO Lantern

Have camping on your summer agenda? Then your kids have to check out this camping lantern! It’s such a unique idea, and it’s a project that will actually serve a purpose. I bet those little eyes will light up (like how I did that?) when they see this creation come to life.

You can find the tutorial for this project, in addition to tons of other kids crafts and activities, over at Lalymom.

source: toddlerapproved.com

6. LEGO Sensory Play

Part of the reason children love science is because it often gets messy. Kids love getting messy (in case you didn’t know). So a LEGO activity that involves any type of mess making ingredients is sure to be a hit with kids. Sensory play is an important part of child development, so this is a win-win for both children and parents!

Get the ingredient list for a fun sensory play activity using LEGOs at toddlerapproved.com.

source: Fun At Home With Kids

7. LEGO Symmetrical Butterfly

I’ve always been a little OCD when it comes to symmetry. Things need to be even and equal! Are your children a bit anal about things like that? This summer, they can explore their symmetrical talents with a LEGO butterfly project.

Take a look at Fun At Home With Kids to get the 4-1-1 on this activity, as well as others that spark imagination!

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