10 Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Home For Fall

inexpensive fall decor

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Fall is the beginning of the holiday decorating in our homes, but it can get pretty expensive when you consider the cost of cute pumpkins and faux greenery. The good news is there are tons of tricks to getting a great fall style without a huge price tag. Check out our roundup of inexpensive fall decor that will get you in the mood for a nice fall walk and maybe a PSL, too.


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1. Use Popcorn Kernels As Decor

Fall means the beginning of Harvest and that means seeds for planting are a huge part of fall. Take this harvest time literally and use some popcorn kernels as decor in your home. Popcorn kernels are available at most grocery stores and are usually very inexpensive. You can drop them in a clear vase with a candle or simply put them in a bowl with some pumpkins on top. Either way, the rustic look of the kernels will really bring in the harvest and fall feel to your home and for cheap!

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2. Bring Pinecones In From The Outdoors

I love using pinecones as part of any fall or Christmas decor. They perfectly represent the beginning of the “dying” season where trees will start to lose their leaves and pinecones. Instead of buying pinecones, go out and find your own! They are actually a lot easier to find than you think, even if you don’t live near the mountains! Throw them in a bowl, put them in a clear vase, or make a garland out of them. No matter how you use them they’ll make your home look beautiful and festive.

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3. Wrap Cinnamon Sticks Around Candles

Cinnamon sticks are another item you can buy at the grocery store that are very inexpensive. Cinnamon is an iconic fall spice and using it as part of your decor not only looks pretty but makes your home smell delicious as well! A great way to use them in your home is to wrap them around some candles, then tie them with some raffia or twine to secure them. It’s a very simple and inexpensive way to make your home look and smell very festive for fall.

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