Now that we’re into winter, it’s time to start thinking about delicious bowls of hot soup for those cold winter nights. And what do you know, January is National Soup Month! Soup is such an easy meal to make, and there are so many flavors you can incorporate. Not to mention, soup is usually a really healthy choice. Your kids might not be crazy about some of the ingredients you put in your soup, but this is the perfect opportunity to encourage them to try something new! Hey, your kids might even surprise you and actually like what you make.

Instead of just sharing traditional soup recipes that you can find anywhere, I’ve found some that sound incredibly tasty, and that you might not have tried before. New year, new recipes, right?

source: A Family Feast

1. Hamburger Soup

Whenever I ask my 3 1/2 year old what he wants tor dinner, he almost always responds with “a hamburger.” So I’m pretty sure this soup would go over well with most kids. It’s loaded with healthy ingredients (yay!), and there’s a heaping helping of beef for our macho man husbands. This soup is a family-friendly choice that is sure to make everyone happy!

Get the full recipe and cooking instructions from A Family Feast.

source: Like Mother Like Daughter

2. Slow Cooker Enchilada Soup

You had me at slow cooker. Seriously. This Mexican-inspired soup is so easy to make, it’s ridiculous! And since it could almost qualify as an actual enchilada, you know it’s got to be hearty. You’ve got veggies, you’ve got protein and you’ve got dairy. This is a well balanced choice that the whole family will enjoy.

Head over to Like Mother Like Daughter to learn how to cook up this Mexican masterpiece.

source: Carlsbad Cravings

3. Swedish Meatball Noodle Soup

If you’ve got a free night to devote to making soup that is more involved, you can’t go wrong with Swedish meatballs. Made with egg noodles, sour cream, ground beef and ground pork, you’ve got a major flavor overload! There are also tons of spices and other ingredients that make this a scrumptious choice.

Stop by Carlsbad Cravings to get the full recipe and cooking instructions.

source: Five Heart Home

4. Macaroni & Cheese Soup

Is there any comfort food more comforting than good ol’ mac & cheese? I think not! But wait…there’s more! This version is topped with bacon! This might not be the healthiest soup you’ll ever make, but by golly, it sure sounds delicious! Totally worth the extra calories, if you ask me.

Check out the recipe over on Five Heart Home.

source: House of Yumm

5. Slow Cooker King Ranch Chicken Soup

If you love spicy foods and enjoy the strong flavors of spices, this soup will probably become your new favorite. It combines chicken with zesty ingredients like jalapeno, green chiles, chili powder, garlic and cumin. Serve it with tortilla chips for a dish you could practically call nachos.

You’ll find the cooking instructions over on House of Yumm.

source: My Whole Food Life

6. Lentil Sweet Potato Kale Soup

If you’re a health-conscious mama, this soup should be added to your recipe book. It’s super healthy, and super easy to make! If your kids are reluctant to try it, don’t fret. It just means there’s more for you! You can actually store the leftovers in your freezer for up to 6 months, so maybe by then, your kids will be more open to giving this soup a try.

My Whole Food Life has the recipe and cooking instructions.

source: Damn Delicious

7. Thai Shrimp Soup

Add some exotic flavor to your family’s meal plan with this Thai-riffic soup. Shrimp and rice are yummy together, but you’ve also got tons of flavors like garlic, onion, curry paste and coconut milk. Your taste buds will love you forever if you treat them to this tangy dish.

Visit Damn Delicious to get this recipe.

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