7 Twists On Your Average Ponytail

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The ponytail has been hailed in recent years as boring, predictable and the lazy way out for styling your hair. Let’s just be honest and all say it’s probably the easiest style and one we all sport at least several times a week. It’s functional, and as moms we need all the function we can get! If you’re like me, your styling expertise isn’t all that advanced. So while there are many gorgeous and fancy “everyday” styles out there, my hair never turns out like the tutorial pictures and thus, the ponytail. Well, we’ve gathered some of the easiest ponytail styles around that will give you a fresh look without all the fuss. If you’re looking for some fancy pony’s, then this isn’t your post. This is for the busy moms who just need some ponytail variety!


Source: Nadyana.com

1. Low Pony

The low ponytail can be sleek and sophisticated without a lot of effort. While this style is coined as “runway-ready” I think it’s just as perfect for preschool drop off and playdates! Just a low pony and a few strategic pinning of hair strands and you have a classy look!

If you’ve gotta have this look, check out Lulus.com for a great tutorial. You can also head over to Nadyana.com for 20 more great ponytail styles!


Source: HeadquartersForHair.com

2. Mini Pony for Short Hair

One of the drawbacks with having short hair is the significantly fewer options when it comes to styling your hair up. But even the shortest hairstyles usually have enough volume to even sport a mini pony! Pair it with a detailed or chunky headband and you have a look that is pulled together and perfect for either day or night!

Check out HeadquartersForHair.com for 5 more ways to style your short hair with a pony!

Twisted Side Ponytail Tutorial

Source: Beauty-Tutorial.blogspot.com

3. Twisted Side Ponytail

Ok, I admit I love the Katniss braid. However, I have thick, curly hair and it’s very hard to achieve the full Katniss look because it’s a complicated braid! This style is the next best thing because it’s a similar look, and only involves twisting and pinning with bobby pins! It’s stylish and perfect for everyday.

Head over to Beauty-Tutorial.blogspot.com for a great tutorial for this look and many more!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.32.07 AM

Source: Kayley Melissa via YouTube

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