7 Ways To Help Your Swollen Feet While Pregnant

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We’ve all seen those poor pregnant women walking around with their incredibly swollen feet. Pregnancy and swollen feet seem to go hand in hand and it seems like no pregnant woman can escape this problem.  Even if your feet didn’t or haven’t swollen up to the point where you can barely walk, mild swelling in the feet while pregnant is very common as well. However, there are some ways to help reduce and prevent swollen feet while pregnant. Trying these 7 things will definitely be worth your while if it will give your poor pregnant feet some relief.


1. Drink Lots Of Water

I know it seems counter productive to put more fluids in your body when you’re already retaining fluid, but drinking lots of water when you’re pregnant will help your kidneys flush out the toxins and waste in your body. If you drink enough of it, not only will it help reduce swelling, but it may even eliminate it. Your body will flush much more efficiently and won’t hold onto the water as much.


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2. Keep Your Feet Up

When you are sitting down while pregnant, be diligent about putting your feet up. You want to elevate your feet as high as you can so gravity will help flow the blood back to your legs. If you’re at work or somewhere else where you can’t put your feet up very high, even elevating them a few inches or feet off the ground on some books or a small stool will help.


3. Don’t Be Stationary

If you’re having a problem with swollen feet, avoid standing or sitting for a prolonged period of time. If you must sit or stand for a while, be sure to take breaks and walk around or sit down for a few minutes here and there. Definitely do not go longer than an hour sitting or standing. Moving around will help get your blood flowing and circulating again and reduce swelling.

running-shoe-371624_6404. Exercise

As I already mentioned, moving around will help blood circulation in your body, therefore exercising while pregnant works great to avoid swollen feet. Of course, you will need doctor’s approval to exercise, but even if you can’t exercise, go on walks. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t ever exercise during the whole 9 months. It’a actually more of an excuse to exercise more so you can keep your body healthy. I’m not saying to start training for a marathon, but any amount of walking, swimming, or bike riding will be great to keep those swollen feet away.


5. Avoid Tight Shoes

If you’re having a problem with swollen feet, definitely do not wear any kind of tight shoes or socks. This will prevent blood from flowing and circulating in that area. If none of your shoes fit very well or comfortably anymore and are too tight, invest in a comfortable, non-constricing pair. A loose fit that doesn’t put pressure on your foot will allow the blood to circulate more freely in your feet.


6. Eat Healthy And Avoid Junk Food

If you’re craving junk food, especially those high in sodium, you’ll want to cut back on those types of food. Your body will function better when you have healthy food in your body versus junk food. I’m not saying you can’t ever have some potato chips or that candy bar you’ve been craving, but try to eat as healthy as you can. It will help battle those swollen ankles and feet.


7. Sleep On Your Left Side

I know it probably sounds crazy, but sleeping on your left side can actually reduce swelling as well. It will help reduce the pressure on your inferior vena cava, which is located on the right side of your body. This will allow the blood to flow more freely through your body. So, if you can while you are laying down, napping, or sleeping at night, lay on your left side instead of your right.

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