8 Basic Art Projects Your Toddler Will Love

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Creating art is a wonderful activity for toddlers. It can be a great learning activity as they learn how to create things with their hands, colors, shapes, and so much more. It’s also great for their fine motor skills and not to mention that it keeps them busy and entertained for a long period of time. That’s always a plus for us moms! Creating art doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, for toddlers you need very little to keep them interested and engaged. You can often times use what you already have at home. We have rounded up 8 basic and simple art projects that your toddler will really enjoy doing that won’t take a lot of time to set up or clean up.


Source: whereimaginationgrows.com

1. Cotton Ball Painting

Art doesn’t get more simple than some cotton balls, paint, and paper. Set out some plates with paint ready to go for the kiddos, then give them some cotton balls to paint with on their paper. If you want you can clip some clothes pins on the cotton balls so that they can hold them a little easier. They can dab the cotton balls on the paper or swipe them across the paper like a brush stroke. Let them explore and discover how to paint on their own and watch them create a fun piece of art.

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2. Bubble Wrap Tree Painting

Since painting can be such a mess with kids, the best place for them to paint is obviously outside where it won’t damage any furniture or flooring in your home. A great and creative way to let your kids paint outside is to put some sort of material around the trunk of a tree such as bubble wrap, some trash bags, or whatever else you may have lying around the house. Set the paint out and let your kids use their hands to paint the wrapped tree. They’ll love the unconventional painting and you’ll end up with an awesome looking tree that you can leave wrapped for a few days for them to admire.

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Source: mamapapabubba.com

3. Bubble Painting

All kids love bubbles, but sometimes blowing bubbles can get really old really fast for kids. One minute they love it, then the next minute they are bored and want to move onto something else. If you have some extra bubble liquid laying around that needs to be used, try some bubble painting. Lay out some paper for your child to paint on, put some food coloring in the bubble mixture, then put some straws in the bubble container. Once it’s all set up, let your child blow bubbles through the straws onto the paper. It will create bright, colorful circles and splatters all over and some of the bubbles will even stay unpopped for a while. Do be careful where ever you do this activity, as food coloring will stain.

(Mama.Papa.Bubba is a wonderful website full of activities, crafts, DIY projects, and so much more).


Source: mamapapabubba.com

4. Ice Painting

If you’re child is dying to get outside on a hot day, set up this little ice painting art for them to do so that they can stay cool while they play outside. All you need for this art project is an ice cube tray, water, food coloring, food picks, and some paper! Once the colored ice is frozen with the food pick in it, let your child take it outside and simply glide the ice across the paper. The heat will instantly start melting the ice creating a water color effect on the paper. It surprisingly makes a beautiful piece of art and keeps your child a little cool while playing outside in the heat.

(Mama.Papa.Bubba is a wonderful website full of activities, crafts, DIY projects, and so much more).


Source: oneperfectdayblog.net

5. Wet Chalk Painting

Chalk is a great art medium for kids to use because it doesn’t stain and if it does get on something it comes off easily. A new inventive way to make art with chalk is to add water to the process. Simply put out a piece of paper on the table or ground for your child, then give them a pale of water, a paint brush, and some chalk. Let them get the paper wet first with the paint brush then they can draw with the chalk on the wet paper. The water combined with the chalk creates a neat effect. They can even dip the whole piece of chalk in the water if they wish. This is incredibly easy to set up, requires very little supplies, and keeps kids entertained for quite a while. They can even do this outside on the sidewalk on a rainy day.

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Source: two-daloo.com

6. Monoprinting

I love art that you can create with kids that requires very little supplies or set up. This mono printing art idea is one of those activities. All you need is some white paper, some paint, a piece of cardboard, and some scissors. Cut out some shapes in various sizes of the white paper. Let your child put paint on the cardboard and smear it wherever they want. Next, let them place the white paper shapes down on the paint and when they pull it up they’ll have a colorful painted shape. Very simple to make, set up and clean up! Sounds like a winner to me.

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7. Marble Painting

This may be the easiest art project for a toddler ever, not to mention that it will keep them occupied for a very long time as they watch the marble roll around in the paint. All you need for this activity is a container you don’t mind getting dirty, some white paper, paint, and some marbles. Glob some paint on the paper inside the container, then put the marbles in, and let your child move the marbles around as they shift the container from side to side. It will create a fun piece of art that is easy to set up and clean up. Your child will love watching the marbles roll around every which way and see what patterns it creates as it moves.

(Play Create Explore is another great website full of fun activities for young kids).


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8. Canvas Painting

If you want your child to create a really interesting piece of art for your home, like for their bedroom or a playroom, have them paint on some canvas covered in tape going interesting directions. First off you’ll have to put the tape on the canvas in the directions you want. Then put out some paint, some sponges, and brushes for them to paint with on the canvas. Be sure to have them fill the whole canvas with the paint so that the entire thing is covered. Once the paint is dry, you can remove the tape and you’ll have a interesting and actually quite beautiful piece of art to hang in your home.

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