8 Simple Tips On Dressing Your Bump

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You’ve found out you are expecting. A baby is on their way, and so is a bump! Dressing that baby belly isn’t always easy but there are quite a few tips that can make the wardrobe drama easier without dropping a fortune on maternity clothes. Start rocking that bump fashion, ladies!


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1. Kimonos and Cardigans

Any kind of cardigan or kimono is perfect for dressing that bump of yours. Simply pair with a basic tee or tank and you have a fun and comfortable outfit. Especially ideal when you are further along and don’t want to keep buying tops the next size up.

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2. Maternity Leggings

I cannot stress enough how important these are to any maternity wardrobe. Even if you just wear them to lounge around the house. They are a MUST. They fit from the start of your bump to the end of your pregnancy, and even perfect for those post-partum months. Pair them with a tunic, (see below) and you can be ready for the day without the wardrobe hassel.

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I love tunics! They are versitile. They work over jeans or leggings and you don’t have to worry about them getting too short as your bump grows. No awkward bare bellies here!

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4. Buy A Bigger Size

Are you still in that awkward, not-quite-showing-but-not-really-fitting-into-your-normal-clothes stage? Where you can only see a bump after a big lunch but your tops and jean are clinging to all the wrong bits? Well, maybe before you jump into full blown maternity clothes, stock up on a few basics in the next size up. No need to rush straight to the maternity section, trust me that time will come. However, in the mean time make yourself more comfortable by picking up some looser fitting clothing. And, hey, why not try and swing it all the way through your pregnancy if you can. The most important thing is being comfortable!

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5. Maxi Dresses

I know when we think maxi dresses we think summer, but pair them with some ankle boots and a hat and you have the perfect fall or winter outfit and for spring, kimonos and flip flops. There are so many non-maternity maxis you can find with plenty of room for a growing bump.

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6. Elastic Waistbands

Why not take advantage of one of the few times in life when an elastic waistband is completely acceptable. Of course most maternity jeans and pants come with a built in elastic waistband, but there are tons of other options too. Keep your eyes out for loose pants, maxi skirts or draw-string shorts!

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7. Comfort Always Comes First

Whether you are a fan of sneakers and yoga pants or a your feel your best in a dress, your comfort always comes first. I tried to hold off on buying maternity clothes for so long, that when I finally gave in it felt like heaven! I wish I had invested in my comfort a lot sooner.

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8. Embrace the bump

You may not believe me, but these 9 months are going to fly by and you will soon have a sweet baby to snuggle. Your belly is going to get bigger and bigger as your little one grows, don’t try to hide it under layers of clothes or with loose tops, this will just make it look larger then it really is. Show off that gorgeous bump and embrace the exciting season you are in!

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