12 Disgusting Places In Your Home You Should Be Cleaning

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No one likes to think they live in a dirty home. As a mom, you know first hand that messes are inevitable, and while we are usually comfortable with toys and other kid clutter, the idea of germs and bacteria never settles well with us. It can be a battle just to do a basic clean to make the house look presentable and you’re probably skipping over some pretty disgusting places in the process! Do yourself a favor and keep reading to see some of the nastiest places in your home that need your cleaning attention now!


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1. Coffee Maker

If you’re like my husband and I, all we care about in the morning is getting the coffee going. We don’t always clean it well in between uses, and up until now, I didn’t think much of it. But after some careful research, I found that your average coffee maker can be teeming with bacteria! The constant damp conditions, coupled with the dark environment means your coffee pot isn’t just making your morning cup of joe, but a disgusting amount of bacteria too. It’s a good habit to deep clean at least every 40 uses with some vinegar, by letting it sit for about a half hour, then cycling through the pot.


2. Toothbrush Holder

That little contraption that neatly holds your toothbrush upright is also notorious for trapping germs. How many do you think can fit in there? Oh, try 2 MILLION!!! The dark corners, limited air flow that prevents water from drying and pretty much your total neglect of cleaning it makes your toothbrush holder the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Do yourself a favor and get one that is made of material that’s easily washable (no wood) and clean regularly!


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3. Shower Loofahs

If you love the feeling of a good scrub then you probably have a shower loofah. But have you ever though about where all that sloughed off skin goes when you use it? That’s right, INTO the cracks and crevices of your loofah itself. If you also tend to keep your loofah in your muggy, warm shower, you are hereby allowing tons of bacteria to grow all over your beloved bath sponge! Next time you shower, just think about all the bacteria and organisms that you are spreading all over your body, right along with your shower gel. It’s a good practice to replace often, let your loofah air out, microwave it to kill the bacteria, or just stop using all together.

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