9 Brilliant Car Hacks For Moms

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I’ll be honest, since I’ve had a child, my car seems to be a complete and total mess 99% of the time. It’s very frustrating that I can clean my car out one day and by the very next day there’s already toys, crumbs, and trash everywhere, thanks to my son. Thankfully, there are some pretty amazing car hacks out there that every single mom needs to know and utilize. They will make our lives so much easier, not to mention keep our car a lot cleaner and more organized! Here are 9 awesome car hacks for moms so we can feel a little more sane.


Source: frugal-freebies.com

1. Ensure Seatbelt Safety

With children, grandparents, and friends constanlty being in and out of your car, there is always the possibility that someone accidentally unbuckled your child’s car seat. They may get confused and think they are unbuckling their seat belt, when in fact they unbuckled the car seat. This can be a very dangerous situation. In order to prevent this from happening, slit a whole in a plastic cup, slide it onto the seat belt, then when it’s buckled, pull the cup over the buckle so wandering hands can’t accidentally unbuckle it. It’s a very simple way to ensure your child’s safety.

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2. Food Caddy

Ah, the age old problem of food in the car. It’s something my son struggles with everyday. No matter what he’s eating there always seems to be something that falls or spills. It’s very frustrating to constanly be picking those mishaps up. A great way to remedy that problem is to buy a caddy from the dollar store. Although these are typically meant to hold cleaning or bathroom supplies, you can keep them in your car to hold your child’s food while they are eating. It can even hold their drink so everything is in one place. This will rest more easily on your child’s lap and you won’t have the hamburger and french fries sliding off the paper from their lap and onto the floor.

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3. Toy Caddy

Those great dollar store caddies can also be used to hold car essentials for your little one like toys, sunglassses, books, and so much more. You can keep one of these next to each child in your car so they have everything they need in one place that is easy for them to access. No more passing things back and forth while driving and putting everyone in danger.

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