9 Creative First Day Of School Photo Ideas

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When I was a kid, nobody made special first day of school meme’s with cute frames and chalkboards. If our parents were lucky, they snapped a quick shot of us with our huge backpack and lunch boxes before we walked out the front door or as we walked into our new classrooms. But now, with the brilliance of Pinterest, moms and dads everywhere are creating memorable photos of first and last days of school with ease. If you want to document your kids’ first day of school with style, then check out some of these adorable ideas!


Source: ConfettiSunshine.com

1. First Day Of School Balloons

If you want a cute way to note that it’s the first day of school on your photos, then use balloons! Surprise your child in the morning as they get ready for school and be sure to grab a bunch of pictures before they head out. This is a simple and creative way to document their first day of school.

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Source: BananaPancakesBlog.blogspot.com

2. Chalkboard Message

You usually see the typical “first day of preschool” on chalkboard photos, but this one is even better. Because let’s be honest, what’s going gone behind the camera is what it’s all about! While your child is happily smiling, you’re trying to hold back tears as another year is about to fly by.

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Source: BlueCricketDesign.net

3. Sidewalk Chalk

Let your sidewalk tell the story by spelling out the first day of school or grade your kids are entering using sidewalk chalk. Then snap a cute candid and you have a precious picture of your little ones before heading off to school!

Be sure to check out BlueCricketDesign.net for more back to school ideas and other crafting and DIY projects.

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